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Album Reviews

“This is so genuinely musical and good, superb arrangements and tight enjoyable voices. This comes with challenge of obligations, but has been seized in a brilliant way.” 
Rating: 5 out of 5 
– Corren, Gunnar Ekermo

“Stockholm Voices’ first album impresses in many ways. The singers blend their voices in harmonious vocal singing. No voice dominates either of the others or steals too much attention.” 
Rating: 4 out of 5 
– Örnsköldsvik Allehanda, Lars Landström

“A fine, well made and worthy tribute to one of the best and most important Swedish records in jazz history.” 
Rating: 4 out of 5 
– Jönköpingsposten, Bo Levander

Live Reviews

“At last! A new Swedish jazz vocal group takes the stage and the void after Gals and Pals is filled. Stockholm Voices are four tightly knitted voices that without audible effort can pull off the art of phrasing and swinging together like a proper jazz band”. 
– Folkbladet, Gunnar Wiklund 

“They sing with great timing, well balanced, nuances and technical elegance. Thelonious Monk’s Round Midnight was one of the evening’s high lights in a magnificent arrangement by Gunilla Törnfeldt.” 
– Sundsvalls Tidning, Hans-Erik Bergman 

“With Stockholm Voices jazz bursts into full bloom. They were a complete success at their concert in the Blå salongen with their exquisite vocals and their supreme artistry. This relatively newly started vocal quartet is touring extensively and are captivating the Swedish jazz audience completely. You just have to surrender to these formidable voices and their tight band with four creative and interacting musicians that greatly contribute to the successful result.” 
– Norra Skåne, Åke Holmqvist

“You didn’t need long to understand that we’ve got something really big in this quartet. And then the fun idea: To perform the music from the marvelous album “Waltz for Debby”, with Monica Zetterlund and Bill Evans Trio from 1964. With fresh and updated arrangements we where brought on a journey through all of the fantastic music from the album. This young and talented quartet are about to captivate the audience in our land completely.” 
– Jönköpingsposten.

“Finely-tuned harmony singing and powerful, swinging solo contributions. Stockholm Voices effortlessly delivered well known jazz favourites rewarded by standing ovations” 
– Sveriges Radio Västernorrland

“High-class singing with a swing. One of the season’s highlights! 
Scoring 5 of 5 possible” 

– Sundsvalls Tidning 

“Supreme artistery, formidable quality entertainment” 
– Hudiksvalls tidning

“Precise and brilliant harmony singing with formidable voices” 
– Östersund

“Advanced harmony singing – a sonorous jazz vocal group. An overly crowded Club Metropol never wanted the evening to end. Stockholm Voices responded with an encore and thereby proved an elegant retreat from the stage together with the band.” 
– Orkesterjournalen