Sold out concerts and standing ovations have followed in the trails of Stockholm Voices! The four soloists offer vocal harmony singing at a world class level. 
Stockholm Voices are a vocal powerhouse jazz quartet with a swinging band. With one foot in the lush soil of jazz, the other in the Nordic midsummer night, the singers offer melodious voicings draped in elegance and charm. 

The debut album “Come Rain or Come Shine” was released in 2015 and received rave reviews from the press. In March 2023 the singers release their new album - “New Horizon”. A tribute to the fantastic music composed by Sir Paul McCartney during his long career, from the Beatles days until today. 

“We were looking for a material that allowed us the freedom to explore and develop our sound. The deeper we delved into McCartney’s music, the more our love for his lyrics and melodies grew. The result is something that feels personal and new to us”. 

It is a new day, a new chapter, a “New Horizon”! Meet a dynamic group that swings like a Big Band. Stockholm Voices - a Vocal Powerhouse.